How To Use Lead Sources (The Right Way)

If you’re spending any significant amount of time or money doing advertising, the most important thing you should be doing is tracking how well each of those activities is performing.  Unfortunately, it takes some setting up in Infusionsoft to get it working – but when you do have it going, it’s amazing.  It can mean the difference between making a ton of money – or losing a ton of money.  Without tracking it though, you’ll never know what’s actually going on.…

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Why Open Rates Are A Crappy Metric

Email open rates are one of the most misunderstood metrics in marketing. For most email marketers – their open rate is the only thing that matters. They focus way too much on it. They split test subject lines, and email copy, and images and everything else they can in order to move the needle.  This often shows their lack of understanding of what the open rate really means – and how they can actually use it to be a better marketer.…

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