How to Get 19,200 Minutes Of Your Life Back

Earlier today I was talking with my wife about unknown potential.  Yeah, I know.  Kind of a meaty topic for a Sunday afternoon discussion.  We were talking about how sometimes we feel like we are at 100% capacity (which can get extremely frustrating when you’re at that point for a long period of time) – but given a sometimes small change in how we are looking at certain parts of our life, new opportunities present themselves that create space for…

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What is an API?

There are so many acronyms when it comes to computers (HTML, CSS, PHP, API, SDK, JSON, blah blah blah blah) that it can sometimes (always) be confusing.  Often times people are told that in order to do thing X with system Y – they’ll need to use the API.  For example – my sister in law uses Mindbody Online for scheduling classes for her gym.  Mindbody’s user experience is horrible. So we want to build our own to replace it.…

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