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Content MarketingOne of the quickest ways to improve your sales number is to increase the traffic you’re getting.  Sounds like a no brainer right?  You’d think so, but most entrepreneurs don’t understand this simple concept.  If you have a process (ie – your conversion rate) that is working (I know, you want it to be better – but stay with me) if you want to increase the number at the end of the process – just add more to the beginning of the process .  For example – 10% of your leads convert to sales.  If you get 100 leads, you’re making 10 sales.  Without making changes to the conversion rate, if we can increase your leads to 120 – you’ll make 12 sales (that’s a 20% improvement).

So how do we get more traffic to our site?  You need to understand that the fundamental reason that prospects are on searching on the Internet is to get answers to the questions they have in their head.  Your job is to put that answer right in front of their face and to eventually get them to pull out their credit card and give you money.

Attracting more traffic to your site isn’t as difficult as you might think.  It’s as simple as making it as easy as possible for your prospect to get the answers to the questions they already have.  There are a few basic concepts you need to master but when you have these concepts down, getting the traffic to your site is a piece of cake.

The most important concept is knowing what to say and how to say it.  One of the most frustrating things I hear entrepreneurs saying is “I’m not a copywriter”.  I call BS.  You’ve talked to customers before haven’t you?  You’ve made a few sales?  Did those people just buy without talking to you, or did you have to sell to them?  The content that you need to be putting out there is the same “content” you’re giving to prospects and customers.  It needs to answer the questions they already have in their head.  It needs to be about them – not about you.  It needs to have correct grammar – without misspellings.  Most importantly, it needs to have a call to action that is extremely clear.  I’ll do an in-depth guide to copywriting in a separate post, but those are the basics to making your content.

The second important concept is promotion.  Putting content out for prospects to consume without promoting it is like having a cure for cancer locked up in the vault in your basement – it doesn’t do anyone any good. There are a million and a half ways to promote your content (see below for a few of them).  It takes a combination of a few of those ways to effectively promote the content you’re putting out.  The key to successful promotion is to track what’s working and what isn’t so you know where to put your efforts and more importantly what to stay away from.  One quick tip on this, make sure you track the most important metric for each of these promotions (aka “lead sources”) – revenue.  Often times entrepreneurs get blinded by the opt in rates.  You might be getting a ton of new leads – but are those leads converting into paying customers?

The third important concept is to make sure that you are getting something out of it.  You’ve spent time and money (the 2 most valuable resources you have) making it easy for the prospect to get the answer they are looking for and you need to get something in return.  If someone wants the answer your content provides and they are serious about getting the answer they’ll fill out a form to get it.  When you do this you’re setting the expectation that you don’t just give stuff out for free.  If someone isn’t willing to fill out a form with their contact information to get the answer to the question they have – are they willing to fill out a form with their credit card to pay for the solution you are providing?

I’ll cover each of these 3 concepts in more depth in future blog posts, but in the meantime ask yourself – “What content can I put out that will attract traffic to my business?


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    I am a struggling Infusionsoft user. Realise the potential but stuggle with implementation. Do you or someone you know help with implementationnand effective coppy creation?

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    There are a few different Infusionsoft Certified Consultants that can provide consultation and copy services. They are listed in the Infusionsoft Directory –

    Hope that helps,


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    I found your website downloading music. Ok, what’s that all about? I am busy having our company website redeveloped. Am inteested why you see to have music stashed somehwere behind this all. For google traffic? Our website is tragic! To say the very least – don’t tell my partner I said that she is very proud ouf it but I know that we can do something a lot better and also we can maximise on leads generated through the web. Would love some tips.

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    We adopted a selling system called Customer Centric Selling. The book is written by Michael Bosworth. We even went on to get consulting to help us. It does exactly what Jordan is talking about. The best salesperson in any company is the founder. Getting the words out of the founders head onto paper is essential not only in sales but in marketing also. The concept is worth looking into.

    We did it and now I can train new salespeople to be effective in two weeks (we sell high ticket machinery) AND writing effective copy is easy.

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