Content Marketing

You Are A Content Machine

One of the quickest ways to improve your sales number is to increase the traffic you’re getting.  Sounds like a no brainer right?  You’d think so, but most entrepreneurs don’t understand this simple concept.  If you have a process (ie – your conversion rate) that is working (I know, you want it to be better – but stay with me) if you want to increase the number at the end of the process – just add more to the beginning…

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4 Most Creative Ways to Capture Leads From Your Site

  The 4 Most Creative Ways to Capture Leads From Your Site 1. Build A “101 list” The idea behind a 101 list is to almost overwhelm prospects with the possibilities.  The list might be 101 ways to use your product or service.  It could be a list of the top 101 questions you get asked.  These types of lists get shared in social media circles all the time and often times become “authority documents” that writers cite when creating…

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