Making Sense Of DKIM and Infusionsoft!!

It has been a long time since my last blog post so I figured I’d tackle one of the biggest problems I’ve seen customers face in the past few weeks. I’ve seen a ton of confusion in the various Facebook groups about how to get the DKIM settings configured and validated with Infusionsoft.  I’ve helped a couple of people get it figured out and decided I should write a blog post on how to do it. Side note – I’m working with…

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How To Use Lead Sources (The Right Way)

If you’re spending any significant amount of time or money doing advertising, the most important thing you should be doing is tracking how well each of those activities is performing.  Unfortunately, it takes some setting up in Infusionsoft to get it working – but when you do have it going, it’s amazing.  It can mean the difference between making a ton of money – or losing a ton of money.  Without tracking it though, you’ll never know what’s actually going on.…

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How to Get 19,200 Minutes Of Your Life Back

Earlier today I was talking with my wife about unknown potential.  Yeah, I know.  Kind of a meaty topic for a Sunday afternoon discussion.  We were talking about how sometimes we feel like we are at 100% capacity (which can get extremely frustrating when you’re at that point for a long period of time) – but given a sometimes small change in how we are looking at certain parts of our life, new opportunities present themselves that create space for…

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Jordan’s Magic Lead Scoring Formula

Earlier today I had a chance to sit in on a few minutes of the Infusionsoft University course.  It took me back a few years to when Francis Jones and I created and ran Infusionsoft University for almost 2 years.  It was cool to be back.  Anyways… Mike Harris was teaching the class about lead scoring.  It reminded me of a presentation I gave at InfusionCon in 2013 where I laid out a formula for how to setup lead scoring…

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Email Deliverability: I Don’t Think That Word Means What You Think It Means

Alright – so this might be another post written out of a teeny tiny bit of frustration (see my last post on Open Rates).  Here’s the deal – there is another totally misunderstood term when it come to email marketing: email deliverability.  The biggest reason why there’s confusion is because there IS NO SET DEFINITION for it.  Different people mean different things when they talk about email deliverability.  This post aims to clear all that up (mainly because I’m getting tired…

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