Lead CaptureThe 4 Most Creative Ways to Capture Leads From Your Site

1. Build A “101 list”

The idea behind a 101 list is to almost overwhelm prospects with the possibilities.  The list might be 101 ways to use your product or service.  It could be a list of the top 101 questions you get asked.  These types of lists get shared in social media circles all the time and often times become “authority documents” that writers cite when creating articles or other blog posts.  Often times that citation includes a link which helps with your Search Engine Optimization.

2. “10 Easy Tips to Help You…” articles

Again, these are exceptionally easy for others to link to.  The premise behind this lead magnet is to give them a digestible bite sized chunk of information that entices them to engage with you in some way.  By creating 10 tips – you’re casting a wide net over their issues and you’re bound to hit on one or two that is painful enough for them to start engaging with you via phone, email, social media etc.

3. Create extensive resource lists for a specific topic.

When you realize that site visitors are there to get a question answered, your next thought should be “I need to be the one that gives them the answer.”  Sometimes though, you might want to point them in the direction of someone else that is an expert in a related business.  For example, my blog is all about marketing automation for small businesses.  There are a ton of SEO experts, PPC experts, copy-writing experts that I follow that I have no problem sending you to – because I know that they aren’t competing with me.  A resource list like this establishes you as an expert that helps his or her clients save time wading through all the so called experts to find the ones that are legit.

4. Create a list of the top 10 myths for a specific category.

I recently did a webinar with Perry Marshall where he talked about this specific topic.  A “top 10 myths” lead magnet is designed to keep buyers from making mistakes.  The prospects that request this type of magnet is almost in buying mode (if they aren’t already).  The 10 myths should be legitimate myths, but the way to avoid the myth needs to be your product or service.

How are you capturing leads from your website?

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